One of the wonderful things of travel is delving deep into the local life. Once you in Vietnam, you will have chance to experience local transports with best Vietnam tours 2017.

Visiting Hanoi by cyclo

Visiting the streets of Hanoi slowly with cyclos in the city, visitors can comfortably watch the surroundings, take pictures and enjoy the delicate beauty of Hanoi.
Sitting on a cyclo to see the sky of Hanoi while still in the early morning mist, fresh air, inhaling the aroma of grass and flowers, see the wind play on the hair that let go long, followed by the sisters. The market early to see the flower market with immense color – the petals are still drenched night dew … According to each turn of the wheel, Turtle Tower – witnesses of history appear in the early morning mist, see the mausoleum. Uncle majestic and reminiscent reminds us remember the great work of Uncle Ho beloved so many generations of his father have bravely on the road, determined for the Fatherland to make birth … to the beautiful roads in each old Town.
Walking through the streets, it seems that people are at peace with nature, worry about life as well as vanish so that they really get back to themselves, fully feel what the world Brought to offer to man Cyclo is an indispensable member of Hanoi Capital.

Tam Coc Cruise
If you want to take a firsthand look at the golden color of the rice field, the time from late May to early June is when you should visit Tam Coc – Bich Dong. At that time, the pictures of rice fields mixed with green rice fields and yellow gold will create a picture with beautiful colors. One of the most noteworthy experiences to start your journey is to go exploring the caves in Tam Coc. Here, you will not be overwhelmed by the natural mountain terrain in many different shapes (similar to Ha Long Bay but on land) and the limestone caves in the middle of Ngo Dong line with paddy field Stretching the two sides of the river. Within about an hour on the boat, local boat riders will take you through three caves of Hang Ca, Hang Hai and Hang Ba, and then the floating market.

Boat cruise in ha Long Bay

Once in Ha Long Bay, you will feel like a giant natural museum with fanciful original caves and new culture attractive. When you have started the trip to Ha Long Bay, you will forget all the time, do not want to go back to love.
There are many ways for visitors to explore Halong, but perhaps in Vietnam, only in Halong, overnight service on such new luxury ships. There are many different discoveries compared to the existing sea tours, if the couples on the honeymoon delights on these luxury yachts, there will be nothing more wonderful “… Also we are also about take a tour to discover Halong Bay by kayak. Join this tour to discover Halong Bay, guests will be able to kayak themselves to the wild, new, creeks into the cave. Guests feel like being immersed in nature, discover new and exciting things. Most of the places selected for kayaking are the beautiful, unspoiled areas of Ha Long Bay: Luon cave, Ba Dat Dao, Ba Ham lake, Ba Hang, Ba Men temple, Dau Be island. This calendar, including those who have been to Ha Long Bay many times, feeling is still a completely new Ha Long bay.

If you come to Halong, try the fun after alone in a kayak to discover Luon Cave: “The most impressive thing for me is when the boat enters the cave. The paddling in the dark, the hundreds of emulsion drop to the face, sometimes forced to lie down on the boat surface to pass through. Feeling tired of the two arms but after the end of the journey to explore Halong Bay by kayak has left me a lot of interesting “… The above are just two of the many options for visitors to examine. Break Ha Long Bay. Meet the needs of tourists, some business services in the Ha Long Bay has designed the small boats enough for a few families, on which visitors will choose their own destination to visit, or find. Feeling bloated in the bay romantic, romantic in a certain place.

Dragon Boat on the Perfume River
The ancient imperial city of Hue is now famous for its many unique cultural traditions and one of them is dragon boat sailing and Hue singing on the Perfume River. It is said that, “to Hue without a dragon boat is not understood Hue.”
The “Visit the Perfume River” program will be a great opportunity for those who want to discover the romantic beauty of the Perfume River and the legendary thrills of the Ancient Capital. Among the key stops is Thien Mu Pagoda – famous for her fairy tales on Ha Khe Hill. Ben Nghinh Luong Dinh – the starting point of the courageous axis of Hue Citadel. The land of Kim Long is famous for the monks, gardeners and beautiful girls. The remaining points connected with the relic cluster “Vo Thanh – Van Thanh – Revelation” is the relics that make up the cultural heritage – heritage route. Hon Chen Temple (Ngoc Tran), where the goddess Thien Mu A sacred. Dreaming Vong Canh, Truong Tien Bridge, Dong Ba Market, via Con Hen to Bao Vinh ancient town and Thanh Ha ancient port.

Discover Hoi An by bike
Hoi An is famous for its pedestrianized and ancient streets. However, if you want a new experience, try exploring this world heritage on a bike. Walking around the old town by bike, you will discover other niches. The bike takes you through the enormous, tree-lined street corners, paper-swinging billboards on the porch, the rows of green moss-covered mansions. At the end of the road, visitors slowly pedal through the large bridge connecting the old town and enjoy the cool breeze from the Hoai River. When you feel tired feet, you can visit the burden of tea along the way to rest and enjoy the cool, sweet tea. Cycling to the fringe, you will have more time to see Hoi An, not only the old town but also the rice, but adjacent sea adjacent. Most hotels, restaurants, cafes in the Old Town have hourly or daily bicycle rental services, and prices are not too expensive.

More than the flexibility and diversity of transportations, experience local transports with best Vietnam tours 2017 will help you immerse into the local life, simple, and authentic.

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