Vietnam is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes, gentle people but also many specialties “fascinated” visitors. Each destination has one or more typical dishes, so that anyone who goes there will have to find food to eat. Once you are in Vietnam, we will lead you to the culinary discovery in Vietnam tours 2017. The following are some of the most mouth-watering dishes that every visitor should try:

1. Pho – Hanoi
Pho is considered elite cuisine of the capital’s people. Pho is used separately as a light lunch or dinner and does not eat the same food. The broth is made from the bones of the cow’s bones: bones, bones, and bones. Meat for noodles can be cows, or chickens. Pho bread must be thin and soft, the spice of pho is green onion, pepper, chilli vinegar, lime slices. Not only the familiar food of the people, but pho is also a “specialty” that any foreign visitor to Hanoi want to enjoy at least once.

2.Da River’s Fishes Roasted – Hoa Binh
Song Da has long been famous for its delicious fishes. Grilled fish is not eaten right away but is added with salt, wrapped in banana leaves and stuffed. The smell of fish is very special, not only the smell of wet charcoal, fresh fish but also the banana flavor, bamboo flavor and simplicity of salt.

3.Geo-Duck – Quang Ninh

The Geo-Duck is an unfamiliar seafood and more like shrimp, crabs, oysters, snails… but once you enjoy the taste of this delicacies the sea is unforgettable. Geo-Duck snack appetizer has just cool bar, just have a very sweet aftertaste. The meat is crispy, mixed with aromatic spicy aromas.

4.Goat Meat – Ninh Binh
If tourists come to this city without eating goat meat, it is not known thoroughly about Ninh Binh. There are a lot of dishes are made from goat meat is very attractive such as pan fried goat, goat roast, goat spinning, goat steaming, goat goat, … Reptile meat is sweet and crunchy, eaten with leafy vegetables like leaf Nails, leaves, apricots, … leaves the smell of the smell of the heart of people enjoy.

5.Hue rice
Hue rice is one of the representative dishes typical of processing art in Hue culinary culture. On a sticky rice dish and aromatic, diners can turn to discover the very taste of each raw material. Thick meat trimmings, Hue silk patties, grilled prawns, grilled spring rolls, crispy eggs, herbs, cucumber … all are iron fiber and presented in harmonious color harmonies. Only with a plate of rice, diners can enjoy many Hue specialties with dishes of the necessary nutrition groups. The uniqueness of this dish is not only in the form, nutrition but also quite cheap and has a very own character of Hue, whether you eat “Hue rice” anywhere.

6.Da Nang Noodle Soup
The noodles are delicious, have a strong flavor always attract tourists every trip Da Nang. It is blended with soft whites, the sweet and fatty taste of the bone marrow, which locals still call the broth.

7.Saigonese rice
Rice is a simple but famous dish of Saigon land with many attractive ingredients such as: ribs, lice, spring rolls, spring rolls … so customers can hardly ignore when coming to this place. The dish is called traditional and the best is to mention the trio “ribs, scabies and cheeses”. From the early days when new rice was available in Saigon, these three dishes are always called together. In which the ribs are the main dish, because they are flavored with various flavors such as oyster sauce, spices, garlic, soy sauce and honey, … After being baked on the charcoal stove, slices slowly Spice up, smell good, the meat coatings add to the rich flavor, make a really special flavor.

8.Sapa baked – Lao Cai
Sapa winter with the cold in each breath, when the night cover the whole town, there is nothing more wonderful when sitting on the kitchen fire pink and sip the hot baked goods. A plate of stomach, salmon, roasted chicken eggs, barbecue sticks … with fragrance complex enough to dispel the numbness of Northwest forests.

9.Buffalo meat stew – Ha Giang

A culinary discovery in Vietnam tours 2017 would not complete without Ha Giang, sitting around the tray of rice, bred a few pieces of buffalo meat just from the kitchen down, sniff each piece of meat fragrant, full of fresh smell of smoked pepper, The taste of the cup … Who ever came here will want to come back again to enjoy this delicious.

10.Eel soup – Nghe An

Eel soup has become “pride of Nghe An” with extremely special processing and excellent taste “not in tissue”. To cook porridge, choose the best kind of rice and then add a little more glutinous rice porridge. Then the people will chop the spine of the eel, cook the soup, then remove the bones, then the porridge. In particular, rice to cook porridge need to keep the beans thoroughly, rice flour, not thick, not too diluted. Porridge is made from eel bone that tastes delicious but not fat, different from the porridge cooked with bone or chicken.

11.Bird stick – Dien Bien

If you go to Dien Bien on the occasion of Muong Thanh New Year, you will enjoy the bird stick, a delicious food of the people here. Xylophone is presented on a tray with a rustic bamboo stick, with a lid to keep the sticky stick warm and soft. The special bird’s fragrance is fragrant with glutinous rice seeds after two times with wood and sweet fat thanks to the new bird meat to make me fragrant. The bird’s-hairdo flavor will be fulfilled when sprinkled with fried yellow onion.

A visit will be incomplete without mentioning local dishes. Cuisine reflects a country’s culture. Therefore, through local food, we can delve into the beauty of the nation. Vietnam earns its reputation as a land full of tasty cuisine, you can have chance to take part in culinary discovery in Vietnam tours 2017.

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